US Allocates Historic $345 Million Military Aid Package for Taiwan


In a significant development, the United States has announced a historic $345 million military aid package for Taiwan. Breaking away from the norm, this aid will come from existing U.S. military stockpiles, rather than through the foreign military sales program.

The move has implications for both Taiwan and China, given the delicate relations between the two and China’s stance on Taiwan as a breakaway province. This article delves into the details of this unprecedented military aid allocation and its potential impact on the region.

A New Approach to Military Aid

The recent announcement by the White House marks a departure from traditional military aid procedures. Instead of purchasing weapons through the foreign military sales program, the U.S. will draw from its existing military stockpiles to provide the $345 million aid package to Taiwan. This new approach reflects lessons learned from the military assistance to Ukraine, where U.S.-made weapons were urgently needed in the battleground.

Presidential Drawdown Authority (PDA)

Congress authorized $1 billion for military aid to Taiwan, and the Pentagon had already signaled its intention to prepare a passage for this aid using the Presidential Drawdown Authority (PDA). Under this authority, the Secretary of State is delegated the power to direct the drawdown of defense articles and services from the Department of Defense, along with military education and training, to provide assistance to Taiwan.

Clarifying the Intentions

The White House emphasized that the aid package for Taiwan is not being carried out under emergency authorities, unlike the aid provided to Ukraine. This clarification aims to address concerns that the allocation may be prompted by an emergency situation concerning Taiwan. It reaffirms that the decision aligns with the Taiwan Relations Act, the six assurances, and the three communiques that guide U.S. policy towards Taiwan.

Swift Delivery of Weapons Systems

One of the significant advantages of this approach is the swift delivery of weapons systems to Taiwan. Unlike the traditional arms sales agreements, where waiting years for the weapons to be built from scratch is common, the existing weapons systems will be promptly supplied to Taiwan, enhancing its defensive capabilities.

Congressional Authority and Future Plans

Congress had authorized the transfer of up to $1 billion in Presidential Drawdown Authority transfers, which expires at the end of this fiscal year on September 30. The Biden administration is diligently reviewing Taiwan’s self-defense requirements to assess the best authority to meet these needs going forward.

Extensive Coordination Efforts

Preparing this first-of-its-kind aid package to Taiwan required extensive coordination among multiple U.S. government agencies. The administration conducted an intensive review to ensure the package aligns with Taiwan’s critical defense needs and complies with existing policies and commitments.

The $345 million military aid package allocation for Taiwan marks a historic milestone in U.S.-Taiwan relations. By utilizing existing U.S. military stockpiles, the U.S. reinforces its commitment to Taiwan’s defense while fostering stability in the region.

This decision represents a carefully considered move aimed at meeting Taiwan’s security needs, and it underscores the strategic importance of Taiwan in the Indo-Pacific region.

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